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José Alejandro Álvarez

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1966, I was fascinated by animals and nature from a very early age. Since my first dive in 1989 I haven’t been able to stop…I was so amazed by the underwater world that I felt a need to share these wonders with others, and also a deep sense of duty to protect it in any way I could. So, in 1996, I dove into underwater photography and since then, I’ve done a privileged 4500+ dives in some of the most pristine marine ecosystems, documenting many seascapes that, sadly, don’t exist anymore or have been severely damaged by human action.


This sense of duty motivated me to compile the most comprehensive portfolio of underwater images in the Dominican Republic and a substantial stock of images (both artistic and documental) of many of the best dive sites around the world, so I can contribute my grain of salt to raising awareness through my images and encourage others to love our blue planet the way I have since the first day I put my mask and fins on.

Snorkeling with whales and crocodiles to scuba diving with sharks since I was 8 years old, my whole life has been a crazy adventure fueled by my curiosity and my family´s love for nature.

I have been very lucky to have spent the past 22 years traveling the world, strengthening the 4 languages I’ve learned, diving in some of the most incredible places, and living in places fit for nature lovers. From my homeland of Dominican Republic to my dream land of South Africa, and having found a home in Cozumel,  I’ve collected incredible memories: but more importantly valuable lessons from the varied cultures and people I have had the privilege to encounter in my travels.

I graduated in psychology, and worked as such for many years in cosmopolitan Boston, but nature kept pulling me and I changed careers to pursue my main love: the sea. 
I studied photography in Spain and have since been mentored by my favorite underwater photographer, stepdad, and business partner José Alejandro. 

Through my art I aspire to inspire others to fall in love with nature the way I did.

Ysabela Coll

Álvarez+Coll Photo

From an early age each of us forged a close relationship with nature and soon began photographing our wildlife encounters as a way to share our experiences with family and friends, and a way to keep those incredible memories forever.

Now, as a family with a combined experience of 30+ years of scuba diving and land expeditions in some of the most amazing and pristine ecosystems in the world, we proudly present Álvarez+Coll Photo: the result of a labor of both love for nature and commitment with its conservation.

Incredible colors, textures, places, animals, and experiences… They are all here so you can find the exact photo that “speaks” to you and conveys the message you need.

From Leopards in the African Savannah to endless hammerhead schools in the magical waters of the Galapagos and the explosion of life and color of coral reefs. Our extensive photo stock is now available through our varied products and services.

It has been our privilege to witness nature’s great biodiversity and its humbling lessons. We feel a duty to share that message and also make our contribution for its protection; that’s why we offer the design and execution of environmental projects for businesses and institutions, as we strongly believe that powerful images are an exceptional tool that exponentially increase their effect. We also contribute regularly on pro bono scientific and educational projects with diverse organizations around the world.

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Welcome to the family!

by Ysabela Coll & José Alejandro Alvarez


40+ Awards in some of the  most prestigious Underwater Photography contests.

  • Our World Underwater International Competition

  • Nature's Best Magazine

  • LAUPS, Los Angeles Underwater Photography society


  • Planet Ocean: Underwater images of the Dominican Republic and the world –Sotheby´s Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2023.

  • Treasured waters: Marine Life in the Dominican Republic – World Trade Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 2023.

  • Álvarez+Coll Photo – Showroom, Novocentro, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, 2021.

  • Arrecife – Un Mundo de Vida y Color Bajo el Mar, Galerías 360, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. 2018.

  • Fragile, Ocean Expo – Museo Antropológico y Arte Contemporáneo y Explanada Malecón Simón Bolívar, Guayaquil, Ecuador. 2015.

  • Fragile, Ocean Expo – COP20, Larcomar y Galería Germán Krüger Espantoso, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Lima, Perú. 2014.

  • Galapagos Islands – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA), Viena, Austria.2013.


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