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Updated: Jun 26

Becoming a better underwater model.

As underwater photographers we love taking photos and adding a very important element: a human, or a Muse as we like to call it! This helps give scale to the photo, adds an element of interest and also helps the viewer imagine themselves inside the photograph.

We asked our favorite underwater model that has been our Muse for the past 15 years, and these are some of the tips she gave us!

Tip #1 - Define before the dive some signals

Agree some easy signals with the photographer previous to the dive, this will facilite the process once u/w.

For example since our model has a looooot of hair, we have some preset signals to let her know what to change in her hair so it looks better in the photo.

Tip #2 - Streamline your gear

Streamline your gear as much as possible, that will allow you to get closer and also won’t distract the viewer

For example keeping things inside your BCD pockets so they´re not floating around.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." – Leonardo Da Vinci

Tip #3 - Don´t look at the camera

This might sound incorrect but the viewer tends to follow the eyes of the subject, so as the model if you look at the animal, seascape or wreck you are being photographed with, looking at it helps the viewer get inmersed in the photograph.

Tip #4 - Look at the reflection in the Dome

Try to see your reflection on the dome, that will help you understand the composition of the picture

Tip #5 - Have a clean mask

Remember to have your mask clean for the photo, you might think this is not very important but as we established in the last tip, viewers tend to look at the model´s eyes and thus a foggy mask harms the rest of the photo.


Hold your breath and position after “the last shot”... we all know it’s never “the last shot"!

Hope these tips help you as an underwater model or photographer!

Checkout our photos in our SHOP and PORTFOLIO.

And follow our INSTAGRAM to stay updated on more tips and underwater content!

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